Sustainable Business


In this micro degree you are going to become familiar with the fundamentals of sustainable businesses. You have the possibility to grasp a wide range of information regarding a future-oriented corporate management.

In this context, the German course „Sustainable Management“ refers to the challenges of a sustainable management-approach, which takes into account the area of tension between economical, ecological and social issues. To the lecture and more information

The English course „Sustainability Marketing“ integrates basic questions of sustainability into the field of marketing. By doing so, the “traditional” way of marketing becomes redefined and newly-structured, in order to overcome the challenges of the future. To the lecture and more information

The German course „Global Finance System and Sustainability“ sketches the history of origin of the current Finance System and analyses the reasons for the financial breakdown in 2009. Resulting actions in order to transform the Financial System in a more sustainable way are also part of this course. To the lecture and more information