Sustainable Ecology


In this Micro Degree you are going to get to know the fundamentals of a sustainable ecology. You have the possibility to grasp a wide range of information regarding a future-oriented treatment of the environment.

In this context, the German course „Climate Protection and Climate Change” deals with fundamental questions of climate protection and shows interdisciplinary strategies for climate adjustment. Furthermore, important effects of global climate change, as well as political initiatives for climate protection are being dealt with. To the lecture and more information

The English course „Energy Transition“ covers the German exit from conventional and nuclear power production. The historic origins of this decision, the current state of implementing major changes and future implications on the environment and the German economy are also being dealt with. To the lecture and more information

The German course „Environmental Consequences of Human Consumption” shows consequences of an increasing consumerism and the resulting optimization of agricultural productivity. Furthermore, the roles, which the state, politics and each individual would have to occupy in order to sustain the resources of our planet long-term, are being discussed. To the lecture and more information