Sustainable Society


In this Micro Degree you are going to become familiar with the fundamentals of a sustainable way of living together. You will have the possibility to grasp a wide range of information regarding a future-oriented way of organizing society.

In this context, the English course „Civic Ecology – A Pathway to Sustainability“ deals with challenges, which lie ahead of us on a way towards a just society, as well as necessary actions in order to change current non-sustainable habits of our society. To the lecture and more information

The German course „World Population and Worldwide Migration“ focuses on the historic development of our society and deals with current questions about life expectancy and birth rates. Furthermore, the different kinds of migration and linked consequences are being presented. To the lecture and more information

The German course „Foundations and their Social Commitment for Sustainable Development” offers you the possibility to get to know the contributions of foundations for a sustainable way of living. The course focuses especially on characteristics of the economic form of foundations and shows numerous ways, in which foundations try to shape our society in order to become more sustainable. To the lecture and more information