We offer a wide range of video-based courses from renowned university teachers with a link to sustainability. The successful completion of the courses will be accepted by your home university in the area of general studies, open studies or electives, each accounting for 3 credit points. You can register for the courses anytime, be it to accompany class lectures at your university or in the semester break. This allows you to organize your study time and structure independently. You can work through the videos self-determined and prepare yourself optimally for the examinations.

All courses are free of cost. Supporting the videos, you can use the Learning plattform to get access to more study materials or get in contact with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We recommend the following procedure if you intend to have your credit points recognized by your university:

  1. Inform yourself at your home university about the acceptance and get in touch with our coordination team, if necessary.
  2. Use the slides while systematically watching all videos and clarify all open questions.
  3. Prepare yourself accurately for the exam. (Assistance can be found on the Learning platform)
  4. Complete the exam at your home university. (Examinations dates and your local contact partners can be found on the learning platform)

Your Advantages

Acquisition of Competences
As a student you can acquire different skills within the area of education for sustainable development and will be prepared for future challenges in a professional or private context. Beyond that you will expand your e-learning competences and abilities in the use of digital media. For the successful completion of a course you can obtain 3 credit points.

Spatial and Temporal Flexibility
You decide for yourself how you want to study – no matter when, where or at what pace. In this way, you can design your course of studies individually and use the services offered by the Virtual Academy of Sustainability as an addition and expansion of your university’s range of courses.

Free Access to the Lectures
The lectures are permanently available on the website of the Virtual Academy as well as on our linked Youtube-channel. It is therefore possible to repeat, compile and deepen the content of your studies at any time.

Contents of the Learning Videos
The lectures of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability are created in collaboration with renowned university lecturers so that you can profit from a wide range of sustainability expertise within the courses. The ongoing quality control and updating of the videos ensure you up-to-date teaching materials at the highest scientific level.

Technical Quality of the Learning Videos
The learning videos are professionally recorded in a studio, which ensures a high audio and film quality. Based on many years of experience in the production of learning videos, providing a high-quality online course is one of our core competences.